tropical beach riding holiday


Escape to Africa's 'Caribbean'

A tropical beach riding holiday that is the perfect fusion of the relaxation and adventure that one desires from a getaway to paradise. You’ll ride based on the tides, but can schedule as many or as few riding excursions as you’d like. 

Travel in your preferred style, with a selection of boutique hotels, private villas and 5* resorts on offer for your time in pure paradise. Indulge in deliciously spiced cuisine and refreshing craft cocktails or island beers with your feet in the sand at one of our many recommended restaurants and beach bars. 

We’ve partnered with island specialists for scuba diving and snorkeling, private dhow cruises, and Stone Town walking tours, to ensure you receive the full-island experience.

Ride Notes

You’ll have a few options to choose from for your perfect beach riding holiday, whether traveling solo or with a group. From ocean view suites to private villas and 5* resorts, your style of travel is available.

Exciting beach canters, swimming bareback with your horse, and inquisitive village and jungle treks.

This tropical beach riding experience can be enjoyed on its own or added to the beginning or end of a longer getaway, complete with a Tanzanian horseback safari, polo lessons and a classic African wildlife safari.

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