For Our Riders

A portfolio of tried + tested horseback holidays to choose from, private excursions tailor-made to your tastes, or your own personal media team to document the ride of your life - we've got you.

Safaris + Rides on Offer

Explore our hand-picked selection of horseback safaris and riding holidays from outfitters and operators in the portfolio. Departure dates, availability and cost as well as a slew of important details can be found in each listing.

Submit a booking request or contact us in the chat box to register your interest and we’ll help you secure a saddle on your dream horseback holiday.

Tailor-made for Private Groups

For the discerning equestrians and their travel companions (riders and non-riders alike), we’ll custom create the riding trip that will bring to life each and every one of your wishes. 

These one-of-a-kind excursions are the ultimate way to travel for both the die-hard and casually adventurous equestrian wanting a more personal experience. We’ll effortlessly blend custom horseback experiences with quintessential and unexpected unmounted trip highlights, in whichever style you choose to travel.

Document your Riding Trip

We have some of the best equestrian photographers and videographers on our team, ready to capture each and every moment of your riding safari or horseback holiday.

Shooting photo and video from the back of a galloping horse, recording hundreds of meters above with DJI drones and grabbing that candid shot right in the moment. 

You’ll get to relive the ride of your life over and over again, for years to come.

Ride The Wild Exclusives

We love to travel and explore on horseback just like you, and so every once and awhile we put together a bucket list trip or a reconnaissance (recce) mission to test new locations and new routes. 

These limited trips offer up only a handful of saddles but the rewards for joining are endless. Be part of our exploratory team as we test out (and push the boundaries of) new trails.

Be game for new experiences as well as being on camera, since you’ll be one of the lucky few featured in our safari shoots and get to take home epic media to remember your travels by.

Contact us to book the ride of your life.