For Operators

We offer lead generation via our marketing channels, dedicated marketing on your side to increase direct bookings, exclusive and custom trip hosting and high-end visuals to get your riding safari or holiday selling out each and every trip.

Horse Safari Marketing Services

List + Market Your Trips With Us

( and keep more of your hard-earned profit )

Interested in becoming part of our selective listing of riding trips? Operators can apply to be part of the Ride The Wild portfolio.

Once onboarded, specifically chosen rides from your lineup of safaris or holidays will be listed on the website and marketed by us via our website, social accounts and search engine campaigns for a low membership fee of $50 per month.

Booking requests are submitted by potential riding safari guests directly to Ride The Wild. Following a dedicated inquiry flow, we vet potential riders for trip suitability and gather important details, and convert them into guests ready-to-book with you. They are then handed over to you for completion of the booking and all further client relations, communications, trip planning and organization along with rescheduling or refunds, is then wholly up to you, the operator. 

In contrast to Agents, we only ask for a 15% commission, generating and converting high-value leads but leaving the continued client handling up to you.

We believe in providing operators with high quality leads and giving them more control over the booking process. By transitioning a converted client to the operator earlier, we can forgo the extra 5-15% of commission that standard horse safari agents take, instead putting this cash back into the pockets of the operators themselves.

Increase Your Direct Bookings

( we'll manage your marketing to the next level )

Running a successful riding safari or holiday operation is incredibly time-consuming, often leaving most operators without the energy or time needed to have a marketing strategy that brings in bookings.

Did you know that Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm for ranking websites? Getting to the first page of search results, running a cost efficient Google ad campaign, and creating a consistent stream of valuable and shareable content to really reach your target clients, isn’t an easy task when you’re already managing the day-to-day of your riding business.

Digital marketing is an in-depth,  ongoing and ever-changing process that is best handled by experts.  And we’re both passionate equestrians as well as long-studied marketing specialists. 

We offer a range of package options within search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social ads, and content marketing. And we provide custom services for new website design and website refreshes, email marketing, branding and graphic design via our sister company, Capall.

For a set monthly investment that fits your budget, you’ll see an increase in your bookings – and you’ll get to keep each and every dollar earned. 

Upgrade Your Ride Visuals

( we'll shoot high-end media that reflects your brand + excites potential guests )

We have on our team some of the best travel photographers and videographers – and they are all exceptional on horseback too. Shooting photo and video from the back of a galloping horse, recording hundreds of meters above with DJI drones, grabbing that candid shot right in the perfect moment and shooting high-end visuals of your camps, landscapes and setup.

Our visuals will capture the unique feel of your riding operation and instill pure magic into your marketing, authentically representing and differentiating your distinctive brand and riding trips. 

You’ll be able to use this media for your own website and marketing materials both print and digital, and depending on the package level chosen – you can provide it to other agents or booking providers  as well. And of course if you’re a Ride The Wild Portfolio member, we’ll showcase on here and on social to bring you even more clients. Portfolio members, you’re entitled to receive substantial discounts on this service. 

Portfolio of work available to view along with the investment options and the attached deliverables.

Exclusive Trails + Tailor-Made Trips

( we design, host + sell high-value once-off trips with your outfit )

We curate special trips or safaris with you to market and sell a limited number of seats publicly, and we create private trips for high-value groups at a premium price with minimum 30% commissionable rates.

We’ll need to have ridden with you before on at least one safari or trip in order to co-create and co-host exclusive trips in the future. This is one of our favorite ways to partner with Portfolio members and in fact it’s how Ride The Wild first started.

There is nothing better than creating new routes and exploring untouched corners with our partners, nor meeting a client brief to create the most epic ride of their life. We co-host these trips with you, shooting our notable media and oftentimes writing post-trip editorials for feature in print magazines and online authorities. 

Ready to grow your business?