Kenya Horseback Safaris

Head out on a horse safari where the idea first started. . . in the wilds of Kenya.

A horse riding holiday in Kenya has a different feel to it. 

The large herds of wildlife, the Maasai who look after you and your horse, and the inherent style that riders adapt to on-horse, regardless of their previous riding experience or disciplines.

Kenya is the Africa you’ve read about, dreamed about (and probably watched Meryl Streep and Robert Redford act out). . . While the outfits may have changed a bit, the essence of a safari in Kenya, and most certainly a horse safari in Kenya, is exactly what you’ve been dreaming.

From the back of a horse in these special wilderness areas and private conservancies of Kenya, the jeeps of tourists aren’t a worry, and the only beings you’ll need to share this space with are your fellow riders, guides, horses and wildlife.

The Best Horse Riding in Kenya

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